Potential Mentoring Program

Ohio's Leading Anti-Bullying Program

Potential Mentoring Program - Ohio's Leading Anti-Bullying Program


Gold Gate Entertainment Group engages and enriches Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and communities through exemplary programs in presentation, performing arts, education and research.
The POTENTIAL program represents change in the effectiveness of school programs.
Our program helps students in the targeted areas below:

  • Proficiency Testing – Motivate students by consistently returning to their school and offering encouragement
  • Bullying – 50% of students fail to attend school due to problems with other students
  • Attendance – Our focus is to increase attendance at each school we serve
  • Attitude – We help students improve their attitude towards school and their teachers as well as anger issues
  • Awareness – Bridge gaps between students, teachers, administrators and community leaders
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Our strategy is to engage students through positive music. Music is the second most popular media form of youth today. We provide a professional one hour presentation with professional sound equiptment and engineers.

Public schools districts are facing a very difficult financial time. Students are faced with a double dose of adversity. Both the home life and at school can be challenging even for the best child. Many of the older mentoring programs can no longer motivate students, which is why we’ve developed and tested a program that is effective.

We recommend every school should allow their students to become a part of the Potential experience. It works.